Weekend Hopefuls

10 years seems like a long time to think about where you want to see yourself in a career. Especially if you are a Millennial that welcomes change and opportunity. However, it is important to have career goals. If you don’t know where you want to be professionally you have no direction to work towards. You simply exist and can get stuck in the “9-5 Weekend Hopefuls”, as I call them. Those of you who have ever worked a job with standard hours know what I am referring to.

“9-5 Weekend Hopefuls” are those people who get stuck in a job routine without challenge and passion. They come in, do their job, and go home. They countdown to the weekend and get anxiety on Sundays to go back on Monday. What kind of life is that? We get one life. One change to make everything count. So we should start with taking a step back understanding what we want to do with our career goals. Like it or not most of us must work to financially survive. It is completely obtainable to achieve your goals if you know what they are.


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