Sunday Night Anxiety

Did you know 76% of Americans have reported having “really bad”anxiety on Sunday nights? This is all triggered by not wanting to go work. Monday. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have anxiety about going to work the next week? So many of us live Friday-Sunday and just survive Monday-Friday.

My blog will focus on how to get out of that rut. We’ve all been there, including me. Don’t be part of that 76%! It is Sunday today, so if it’s too late this week take a deep breath and try to focus on doing something nice for yourself to refocus on that it’s still Sunday! You don’t have to feel the “Sunday Blues” just yet. And check out this article by NBC that will give you some more tips on how to reduce Sunday anxiety.

Don’t worry everyone! Together, we can plan for a better futurethat doesn’t include really bad Sunday night anxiety.  


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