Spring is 8 Days Away

I can’t believe it is 8 days away from spring. It’s that time of year when the ice starts to melt away and you feel invigorated by change. The weather is nice and maybe you don’t want to be stuck indoors anymore at your 9-5 job. Well did you don’t have to? There are plenty of opportunities that allow you to work flexible hours so you can enjoy your family, friends, and the nice weather. Have you considered a career in the following?

  • Real Estate
  • Event/Wedding Planner
  • Writer
  • Teacher or school administrator
  • Tax Manager
  • Accountant
  • Web designer or IT positions
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Personal Trainer
  • Interior Designer
  • Merchandiser

There are a lot of ways to enjoy careers that offer flexibility that you may never have considered before. Maybe it’s time you reconsider what you’re doing with your life and spring into a new career.

Make Room….

Let’s talk Goals! One of my favorites quotes is failing to plan is planning to fail. I have found that to be true in most facets of my life. That is more certainly true in my professional career. I have to have goals in order to know what I am working towards.

Goals, both personal and professional, are moving targets. We have to constantly be open to adjusting them based on what’s going on in our life. For example I knew that when I became a recruiter my ultimate goal was to move into management in my company. However, along the way I had an opportunity to take a sales role in my company. So what did I do? I readjusted my goal!

Now I am senior recruiter who does the sales side, or full cycle recruiting, and I am a Training Manager. I never lost sight of my original goal, but I adjusted to make room for a new goal. Which also means I needed to master time management!


What is a Recruiter?

What is a recruiter? There are all different kinds of recruiters.There are ones that work for candidates and help place them in jobs. Then thereare ones that work for clients and help find candidates.

Some of the pros about working with a recruiter is they haveinside knowledge of the companies and have developed personal relationshipswith the hiring managers. So, if they believe in you as a candidate, they willpush you through the process. They work on commission, so they want you to getthe job as much as you want it.

The cons? Not everyone is great at their job. Statically speakingthe industry has 200% turn over and most people don’t stay at one company forover a year. So, a lot of recruiters aren’t great at what they do, because theysimply aren’t trained well. Lucky for me I have been with my company 3 yearsand have been promoted to a Senior Recruiter and Manager. I train new recruitersand I can tell you that not everyone has the natural people skills to seethrough a hire.

However, there are also extremely talented recruiters that trulymake a difference in people’s lives. Overall, I say talk to your recruiter andtry to develop a relationship with them. If it feels right, it probably is. Ifit feels off, they probably aren’t the right recruiter for you.


What is a Resume Writer?

What is a resume writer and what are the pros/cons of working with one?

A resume writer is exactly that. They re-write your resume. There are different levels of resume writers. Some will just design your resume. Some will rewrite the content. You have to communicate your needs to a resume writer. Finding someone to rewrite your resume maybe tricky. Often, recruiters will do this on the side from their job. This includes me!

If you’re looking for some help rewriting your resume I can help. Please check out my job on Fivver HERE.


What is a Career Coach?

What is a Career Coach and what are the pros/cons of working withone? Career Coaches help you figure out your professional goals and lay out aplan to help you achieve it. They are extremely knowledgeable of the industryand often have inside knowledge of the companies, industry, and trends. Working with a Career Coach can be extremely beneficial to launch your career to thenext level, make a career change, or start your career.

What are the cons of working with a Career Coach? Some Career Coaches may not be qualified. It’s important to look for someone who hasindustry experience and if possible certified. Many people will say they arequalified when they are not.

Remember though that Career Coaches are a great resource to helpyou take your career to another path if you find the right one. I should know!I am working towards becoming one myself! 😊


Do I need a Professional?

It isn’t enough to simply write down your goals, but you need to commit to making real change. So maybe the change is small at first, but committing to obtaining your professional goals is important. That’s where working with professionals in the industry can really benefit you. There are many qualified Career Coaches, Resume Writers, and Recruiters that can help you excel in your career goals.

However, there are also people who very unqualified in this profession. So how do you know who to work with? What is a Career Coach? How do you find one? What is a Resume Writers? What is a Recruiter? We will discuss all this in the next few days so stay tuned!



Brainstorming your goals is a great way to start thinking of whereyou want to be. People work in different ways, but I always suggest puttingthings down in writing. It’s a great way to put your thoughts into words.Visually seeing the words can trigger more thoughts to help you start workingthrough what your goals might be.

It’s also good to think about your personal goals as well. It isimportant that your personal goals and your career goals align. What do I meanby that? If you are up for a promotion that will require you to relocate, but yourpartner just took a new job down the street from your house that’s somethingthat you need to consider. If you don’t have your personal goals written down,you may want to write at least 5 of those too. Then discuss them with yourfamily. When you figure out your professional goals you can see if they aligntogether.



Goals are an ambiguous term. They can be very broad or specific.When making your professional goals though it’s best to you the SMART technique.SMART is a concept often attributed to Peter Drucker. Peter was from Austria but eventually move to the UnitedStates in the mid 1900’s. His philosophy and cutting-edge thinking continues tohave great influence in modern Business.  Since then SMART has been implemented worldwide in the Business realmwhen writing professional goals.


                Ourgoals should be specific in relation to what we would like to achieve professionally.


If ourgoals are specific enough, we should be able to measure how we are doing.Rather that’s in terms of capital brought in or how far we’ve advanced in acompany by a certain date. It’s vital we set a measurable component to ourgoals.


Our goals should be something we can actuallyachieve. It is great to want to be a nuclear scientist. However, is that reallyan achievable goal for you based on your skill sets, desires, and personalgoals?


Goals should be realistic. This meansgoals should be plausible. They should be something that is set in reality andsomething we can obtain in reality. For example we shouldn’t dream ofteleporting through space since that’s not a realistic goal.


Goals should be time oriented and havea date to hold you accountable in order to achieve each goal.

I suggest before using the SMART tactic you have a brainstormingsession. Brainstorming is an important part of setting tangible goals.


Weekend Hopefuls

10 years seems like a long time to think about where you want to see yourself in a career. Especially if you are a Millennial that welcomes change and opportunity. However, it is important to have career goals. If you don’t know where you want to be professionally you have no direction to work towards. You simply exist and can get stuck in the “9-5 Weekend Hopefuls”, as I call them. Those of you who have ever worked a job with standard hours know what I am referring to.

“9-5 Weekend Hopefuls” are those people who get stuck in a job routine without challenge and passion. They come in, do their job, and go home. They countdown to the weekend and get anxiety on Sundays to go back on Monday. What kind of life is that? We get one life. One change to make everything count. So we should start with taking a step back understanding what we want to do with our career goals. Like it or not most of us must work to financially survive. It is completely obtainable to achieve your goals if you know what they are.


Challenging a Ridged Mindset

Where will you be in 5 years? In 10 years? If you hate that question, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your job.

According to Forbes, Millennial’s are taking multiple jobs before they are 30. They are embracing life and career changes. This is causing hiring managers to open their minds and shift away from the standard mind set of looking at a resume and thinking a candidate is a “job hoppers”. A job hopper is someone who only stays employed at one position for 1-2 years. Traditionally hiring managers and recruiters determined job hoppers showed a lack of stability.

However, an entire generation is challenging this ridged mindset in the business world. They are bringing creativity and forward-thinking solutions into the workplace. Now hiring managers and recruiters are slowly shifting their mindset to be more open.


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